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  Specialty  Napkins

 We have a variety of specialty napkins available in Cottonknot Colors, Metallic Gold and Silver Edge, and White and Ivory Lace Edge.
New :  Regal Dupioni - 20 Colors
- Click Below - To Enlarge Napkin Photos  

Cottonknot  Napkins

  Bengaline  Napkins

 Polyester  Napkins

  Polyester Checks

  Polyester Neon 

  Cohansey  Damask  Napkins

  Mozart  Damask  Napkins 

  Metallic  Edge  Napkins

 Pintuck  Napkins

  Satin Napkins

  Satin Stripe Napkins

  Silk  Imperial  Check  Napkins

  Specialty  Designer Napkins

Regal Dupioni Napkins

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